Friday, 4 September 2015

Cassandra Clare and Holly Black: Word Play!

Cassandra Clare and Holly Black, co-authors of the Magisterium series, have been in Australia for the last few weeks. After visiting Sydney, Cassie and Holly came up to Brisbane for the Brisbane Writers Festival and I was lucky enough to attend one of their events!

Both Cassie and Holly were so kind when they walked in (at this point, because I was chairing their session, I was the only person in the room) and I have to admit, I was a bit starstruck!

They spoke a bit about The Iron Trial and their other books before moving onto a Q&A (their were a few volunteers running around with microphones as Cassie and Holly selected people to ask questions.) They were taking turns picking people from the crowd and Holly was looking around when Cassie looked at me and said "What about the young lady who introduced us? She has a question." It was at this point I got to ask my question. (If you're reading this Cassie, thank you!)

At the end of the event, I got to thank Cassandra and Holly for their time and as I was speaking, Cassandra looked at me and said "I love your shirt" which made my day absolutely perfect!

Below are some pictures and videos from the event (I didn't get many as I was intent on listening to Cassie and Holly. There are some moments I wish I had recorded though, such as in the beginning when they were talking about how they came up with the idea for The Magisterium and Holly kept pretending to be asleep as a re-enactment!)

Cassie and Holly just after they arrived!

My signed book!

The rune bracelet Cassie gave me!

My shirt that Cassie said she loved!

Cassie and Holly answering my question!

Cassie and Holly talking about plots in stories:

Holly Black talking about what she calls 'The Dragon' :

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