Friday, 28 August 2015

Shadowhunters - My Opinion

Alright guys, I need to say this.

Lately, I've seen so many people hating on Shadowhunters - the new characters, the changes being made... even the casting. While it's good that you are loyal to Cassie's books, it's not necessary to hate on the show when you haven't even seen it yet. I have nothing against those expressing their opinions on the show but once it becomes rude and hateful, I can't stand it - there is a big difference between expressing your opinion while being respectful and just throwing hate.

I love Cassie's books so much - they are my all time favourite YA books, but I'm keeping an open mind about the show. I refuse to judge it until I've seen it I'm not entirely happy with the changes being made and I know many of you agree. You may not support the changes being made but that doesn't mean you can go about throwing out hate to the cast and crew. They have feelings too.

Would it be nice if the writers actually brought the story we know and love to life? Yes, of course it would, but they are making changes, as people do with all book-to-movie or book-to-TV adaptations.

We must remember that the crew are giving us a second chance, even if they are making quite a few changes. You can be loyal to Cassie's books and still support the show. Everyone involved is working so hard and it's wrong to try and tear them down for making changes.

In my opinion, Shadowhunters is still set in Cassie's world - it still involves some of our favourite characters, it still involves the shadow world and it still involves our favourite couples and more but it's, in a way, set in an alternate universe. I view the books and the movie as two separate things and I'll do the same with the TV show. If, after it airs in January, you don't like it, that is completely up to you but for now, just give it a chance.

One major change people are freaking out over is Alec being in an arranged marriage with Lydia (I don't like this but there's nothing we can do about it sadly. Filming has started and arguing about it won't change anything.) I'm sure that arranged marriage thing won't last though and Malec will happen. You must remember that Malec didn't happen in the first book, even if you started shipping them then. They weren't officially together until later in the books. Lydia is just another obstacle for Malec to overcome. I personally don't think the writers would completely change a ship.

Most TV shows have drama and plot twists viewers won't see coming to keep them entertained and I think that is what the writers are going for. They are looking at both sides of things. They're going to have viewers who are fans of the books, but they'll also have viewers who haven't read the books.

I've seen a lot of people freak out over things that haven't been confirmed by the people working on the show and for all we know, a lot of the stuff we hear may just be rumors. Unless it's confirmed by someone officially involved in the show, I won't believe it.

The overall point of this post is to say keep an open mind about things and please stop throwing hate at the cast and crew. You can express your opinion but please try to be respectful while doing so.

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